Third Year: Eclipse.

For my third year short I’m starting to settle on an idea that’s been ghosting through my mind for the last couple of months. I’ll be going into the main idea that I have towards the project with research that I’ve done so far. 

Ever since the final short was mentioned I had the feeling I wanted to do something that would be a before and after, something that would reflect progress achieved over the last three years.
The main idea for “Eclipse” started from the actual event of the Solar Eclipse taking place on Monday, August 21, 2017. For days, weeks after this happened the news, social media, YouTube were flooded with people talking about their experience.
When I was younger and still lived in the Netherlands I was in a national park called “De Hoge Veluwe” where I witnessed my first eclipse and I was suddenly remembered by how powerful the event itself felt; A warm and bright summer day which was suddenly swiped away by darkness.  I remembered how the people around me fell silent and just stared in awe at the sky from behind their protective glasses as the event took place. Even the animals in the national park fell quiet. I didn’t fear the darkness, nor did I feel uncomfortable.

So after the last eclipse and the memories regarding my own personal experience watching it, I put the idea on the back burner. It was just an idea about an eclipse taking place at that point.

Still wanting to create something that would show the difference between my first year and the last year, I didn’t see where the Eclipse would fit in.  I went back to basics and suddenly remembered my very first time animating.  It was a very short animation of a dance which I added to my portfolio when I took the long shot of applying to my university.  I had never animated before and actually drew two people dancing in Sketchbook Pro.

My first animation submitted to portfolio.

A dance and an eclipse.. that was all I had. The scenario mill started moving in my head; Two people dancing and an eclipse happens, which went to a child asking about the eclipse and a story would happen, which then turned into a love story between the moon and sun.

That rang a bell.  I love to occult, anything magical, nature religions, the works.  Often the sun and moon are regarded as two astral bodies which are involved with one another in some way. Now, I mixed up a story thinking it was about the moon and the sun, but it was the story of Dementia and her daughter who was kidnapped by Hades.
The story is that Demeter had a daughter,Persephone, who had come of age to marry. She had several men woe her, but Hades wasn’t informed.  So in his anger, he found the daughter in the woods and kidnapped her to his realm.  Demeter searched the realms and neglected the earth, which created hunger amongst the humans.  Helios (The sun) sees all and informs Demeter where her daughter went. Zeus found out told Hades to return Persephone to her mother. He let her be taken away but not before her gave her a fruit from his realm.  She ate only six seeds from the fruit, but by doing so, without knowing, she broke a law;  Whenever someone eats from the realm, they can’t leave.  This meant that Persephone could go to her mother two quarters of the year (spring and summer), but had to return to Hades for the last two quarters of each year (fall and winter) In her grief, Demeter who is the goddess of harvest, no longer tends to the earth and so in the last two quarters less and less is able to grow until her daughter returns again in the spring. (This is the less extreme version as it’s been rewritten due to changes in calendar)

To me, the gist of it all was that there was one event that let everyone know about a feeling, in this case it was grief.
For the Sun and the Moon I didn’t want that, I wanted a love story that creates an event for all to witness. The Eclipse would be an embrace between the two astral bodies, a reminder of the Sun and Moon’s eternal love.  Their dance will have their astral bodies collide in order to create the eclipse.


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