Third Year: Brief.

Today was the day we had our first lecture for the last year.

Several things were made clear during the lecture.  One of them was that we won’t be assigned a theme if we already have our own ideas for our thesis film. This, for me, means that I can continue with the pre-production of Eclipse.
The overview is as followed:


For me, the most important things are above. I will be working with a schedule just to be able to keep up with the work and meet the deadlines as intended.
The first deadline is our pitch presentation.  For this, I want to have most of the pre-production ready so I have the visuals that can support my pitch.
For the pre-production we’ll need to submit the following;

  1. Storyboard.
  2. Animatic.
  3. Character designs.
  4. Colour board.
  5. Environment designs/backgrounds.
  6. Shot list.
  7. Schedule.
  8. If dialogue: Script.
  9. If 3D:  CG character models, props, environments, Textures for CG models.
  10. Evaluation form looking at what went well and where I can improve.

    I will use my blog to post the process of my work and perhaps even fleeting thoughts that are related to the film.

I will start with the schedule as that’s most important for me at this point.  I know the story I want to use for the thesis film, but my time management has been my biggest issue so far. For this I’m picking up a big whiteboard tomorrow and slap it on my wall behind my workstation, just so I can see the work needed to be done before I even sit behind my pc and decide to procrastinate.

Aside from the normal work that has to be done for the thesis film, I will post on my blog atleast once a week and to that I will include a random animation practise that I’ve been working on on the side which will be unrelated (mostly) to the thesis film.  It’s simply there for practise and documentation as most of my film will be done in 2D and extra practise can’t ever be bad.

A simple ball bounce to get back into things after a 4 month vacation period. 

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