Third Year: Moon and her world.

For Moon I have an image in my mind that is her world and appearance. Just like Sun, nothing is set to stone yet and these are just the ideas I have so far whilst we’re waiting for uni to start again. 

Whilst Moon lives just like Sun does, within the big ball in the sky, she is surrounded by the stars. Her mood is much more different than Sun’s; a quiet, mysterious being whom ascends to earth once a month to cure her curiousity about the realm below.

During the New Moon (Part of the moon cycle when the moon “disappears” from the sky) she ascends and in the story so far, this is when she meets Sun.

Because the night turns all that we know into a very different place, I want to create a concept for her which is almost alien like.  Different shades of blues, whites, purples. For her environment concept I keep thinking about the night scenes in Avatar.

                  Images from Avatar’s night scenes

But also a scene from a video game by Square Enix named Final Fantasy 10.

Tidus and Yuna scene Final Fantasy 10.

For the design of Moon I have her in mind as a slender figure without any pronounced forms, yet still feminine. Her form is mainly draped within a gown with perhaps a scarf draping from her head.  I want her to feel other worldly, but not unrelated to Sun.

Moon’s design references:

For Moon’s appearance design I’m looking at the following for reference. With her appearance I want to translate the terrestrial feeling, a woman who could easily live in the moon.

    Neytiri from the film Avatar.

Neytiri’s appearance is a beautiful one.  She relates much to the environment that she lives in and even though she’s from another planet, her humanoid features make her familiar to the viewer.

Diva from the movie the Fifth Element.


Diva from the movie the Fifth Element is an alien songstress who preforms in the film.
Her appearance and movement are both other worldly added to this, the voice, song and backdrop of the earth behind her creates a great scene.

 Katy Perry’s song E.T (Official) ft. Kanye West shows several types of extra terrestrial appearances.
From the references I’ve shown above, it’s become apparent to me that I favor long, slender and elegant designs when it comes to the designing of Moon. For her colour scheme I’m still not sure completely.  Over the coming weeks I hope to get a good idea of how I want to colour her. I’m sure more references will show up whilst I search for her colour setup.


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