Third Year: Idea and feedback.

The first week back in university we’re thrown right away into the deep as we’re preparing for our Thesis film. We received the actual brief of what’s expected from us this year and touched upon the ideas that we currently have for our final project on this course.

I’m happy I’ve managed to get a good idea about what I wanted for my final project.  It made it able for me to relay my current idea during our tutorial class.  This post will be about the idea that I presented during the ‘soft’ pitch last week, including the feedback and perhaps any adjustments I want to implement.

Pitched idea.

Eclipse is about the journey of the Sun who seeks out Moon and as he meets her, they engage into a dance which prompts an Eclipse.  Going through the story from what I had up to then, with a few visuals to give an extra which supported my pitch.

What my initial idea is for the thesis film, as to why I wanted this story, what I want to achieve with it.

I want to be able to show through my Thesis film what I have learned regarding animation. I applied to my university with a very short animation of two people dancing.  It was the very first time I animated anything, but it was one of the things that made it possible for me to join my course.  In honour of that I want to implement the dance again in my final film.


This was a soft pitch, it was the first week into our final year and we didn’t have to pitch if we didn’t have an idea of what we had or wanted.
In my case, I did want to pitch to see if I was on the right way with the story and timing of how long my animation will most likely be (I’m aiming for 3-5 minutes). For me, to pitch as I did it give me a few good pointers.

I was mainly concerned about the story being perhaps too long or if I had fillers in it which, in the end, didn’t add anything to the story.

The feedback was positive.  There wasn’t much to add or take from the story as it is and the questions that anyone had were easily answered.  The lecturer added that I had a good grasp on what I wanted with the story and that I have the “use three words to describe the story” down.

The whole pitch did push me to perhaps give more meaning to act one in the story and develop the idea of Sun wanting to be with Moon in a clearer way rather than “he sees something in the darkness and becomes curious.”  I want the viewer to right away understand him wanting to be with her, a reason which is more than just “I’m curious.”.

A few days after the pitch happened I finished  a very rough story board, but as I’ve been sick and at home due to it, I’ve adjusted the story a little bit, adding meaning/reason to act 1 and so I’ll be redoing the storyboard whilst I’m fighting away this fresher’s flu.

For the upcoming week I want to finalize my story and hopefully receive feedback from my lecturer to see if I can adjust it anywhere or if I could now take it to the final form and start on all the designs and what not that are needed.  ( Standard designs for Moon and Sun and their environment are pretty much sorted, but the alternative story might have some extra’s to it which I will have to design as well. )

ballerina jump

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