Third Year: Concept for Moon.

Today I’ve started on the design of Moon.  Through this post I’ll hopefully be able to show my train of thought during the creation of a new character.

Before I started, I wanted to make sure that the references that I’ve taken some inspiration from were taken into consideration.  Adding to that some of her personality and also what I would imagine the Moon’s physical adjustments simply because of her world/environment.

The small list below shows some of what I thought about before getting to work.

  • She’s nocturnal.
  • Elegant and slim.
  • Shorter than Sun.
  • Take reference from previous references. (see earlier blog post)

Decided to take the very alien approach at first and counter it with a more humanoid approach as a second concept.  Then taking the bits and pieces I like most from the first two concepts and created the last concept.
Her face I’m very happy with simply because it portrays the whimsical vibe that I had in mind, adding to that the eyes and ears create the more nocturnal look that I was going for.  The rest must come from the colour set up, which will hopefully push her to the perfect Moon I have in mind.

Elegant and slim.

From the references that were posted in the previous blogpost I decided on her appearance.  A quick reference sheet with a front, side, 3/4 back, back and 3/4 front visual. It was mainly made to establish her forms.  I will correct her appearance as she still feels a bit too ‘normal’ for my taste.  I want her to be more of a willowy woman, such as the reference pictures show.  Update about this process will be posted soon.


Removing the hair from Moon to add some new hair setups as ideas. As you can see, one of them is missing ears as it was suggested to not go for the pointy ears.. I’m not a fan.

During the creation of her headpieces, I was talking with several other students and a lecuterer. I showed who influenced me most when it comes to Moon’s design, and also shared a reference which I didn’t share on my blog yet.

Savah from the comic book series “Elfquest”

When showing this to my lecturer, he commented that a headpiece being a simple scarf would also have meaning to Moon.  Her mystery is slowly unraveled like a scarf. This addition to the creation of Moon motivated me in creating headpieces that are not just simply hair, but draping or actual headgear should also be taken into consideration.


I’m currently running a vote on which of the headpieces look most interesting or are most favourable to the audience.  Currently the second and third of the bottom row are voted highest, but some remarks have also been made that the bald head is appealing as is as well.  My plan for now is to perhaps find a merge between the ones that are favoured the most and create her final concept.

Savah images (Left):Anon, (2017). [image] Available at: [Accessed 18 Oct. 2017].
(Right): Anon, (2017). [image] Available at: [Accessed 18 Oct. 2017].



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