Third Year: Design of Sun.

In this post I will go into the design of Sun.  I’ve created his concept and through this post I will explain the thought process.

For the last two weeks I’ve been traveling overseas, therefore I’ve not been able to do much work aside from taking some notes regarding the story and making a few adjustments to the visual design.
Before I left, I did create Sun’s concept to the level of Moon.

With Sun I struggled more than with Moon, this because I don’t often design male characters, so I was adviced to keep the thought process I had with Moon in order to design Sun.

For Sun I wanted him to be large, broad, an opposite of Moon but in a way that the two can still relate to one another.


With Moon I started with two sketches, one very alien and the other more human, the same I now did with Sun and find  a middle ground.
Within the Sun, the opening scene, his environment/home is very mechanical. With this in mind I created the first design. A mechanical man, full robot type of thing with some alien features. I then designed the human form (middle), to make him everything the first image wasn’t. He felt too young and didn’t translate well to the image that I had in mind. So I combined the things I liked about the first and second image. A harder jawline, adjusted his nose to make it a bit more powerful as the middle image seemed too soft and rounded which made Sun look too young for my taste.  I wanted him to look like an adult, perhaps even middle aged and so the harder lines for his features fed right into that. However, the colour concept for Sun is that he has dark brown skin with yellow eyes, like the sun’s colour.  Yellows and oranges will be in his final design and these colours pop out more against his darker skin tone.


More adjustments were made, I wanted more solid forms and shapes to make it easier for me to animate him later on in the process. Keeping the colour palette in mind I designed the two last sketches. Here I mainly concentrated on the form, shapes and features. His eyes are without a pupil in the first, just to see how that translated because Moon has black eyes like the nocturnal being she is, but for Sun it didn’t feel right. I started leaning more towards features that I have as a darker skinned person.  His jawline became wider and his lips thicker. I formed out his nose more and took reference from not only myself and people that share the same features as I do, but also took some reference from the Overwatch short of Doomfist.

        Blizzard’s Overwatch game featuring the Doomfist’s Origin Story created by Wolf Smoke Studio.

The appearance and stature of Doomfist translates perfectly what I want from Sun.  His poses, eventhough brief in this short, are those that show authority and dominance. Sun is the ruler of the day and without him even Moon would disappear (as the sun’s rays cast against the moon which lights the moon up.) But I also need Sun to be a form that can be gentle and kind as he will be interacting with Moon’s more fragile appearance.

For now I have both headshots and will continue to work further on their appearance as this is not their final concept.  Until then I will continue to update my blog with further creations that are part of my Thesis film.


Doomfirst Origin Story : Blizzard Entertainment (2017). Doomfist Origin Story. Available at: [Accessed 9 Nov. 2017].



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