Third year: Concept art finished.

I have created the concept art that was still pending.  I am, however, not that happy with their designs.  One of the things that I wanted above all was that eventhough they were from different astral bodies with a realm that embraces their appearance, I wanted Sun and Moon to still be recognizable as a couple.


The design for Sun can be seen above.  I minimized the colour usage on him as much as possible as he will also be in 3D which means the more colours the more work I’m getting myself into and my fear for the final deadline is too big to go crazy with his design at this point.  However, just as Moon, his design for attire might change.  His appearance I am happy with.  He looks powerful, his golden eyes are a great contrast with his skin tone which with a small adjustment of his brows can change his expressions to a more extreme than they could in the earlier design.


I’ve stuck with the original design for Moon.  Created her attire as well which I wanted to be floaty, light and feed into the fairytale idea I initially had. Placing her next to Sun at first scared me a bit, as she felt much more fairytale next to him than I had firstly anticipated. But, as I’ve been adjusting some scenes in my storyboard to have a few more intimate camera scenes, I’m in doubt.  Therefore, I will wait for the weekend to be over and hopefully get some feedback from my peers and lecturers.


So, currently I am feeling a bit mixed up if they can be connected as easily as I hope, but the solution for this is that I will gather feedback on them.  I do know that over the upcoming months I will most likely create some adjustments here and there, but the main things I wanted have been reached with their design.
Moon feels very alien, but has her humanoid features which connect her to Sun.  Sun’s design met my needs for the more dominant, broad figure whilst his form isn’t that large or powerful to not be able to dance with Moon.

I also am very pleased with not feeding into too much detail and cripple myself further once I start animating the two. The jasmine flowers became the flowers that she has in her hair as they bloom during the night. I’m not that sure anymore about the horns/branches that the flowers grow upon.

For now I will continue on the scenery paintings and I am still waiting for on line feedback from the scene I’ve already created (check previous post named Deadline where I show the scenery).  Adjust my storyboard to create more in depth cameras rather than constant wide angles, wait for the weekend to be over to gain some more feedback on my current storyboard and of course the feedback on the designs.

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