Third Year: The Pitch.

For this week we had the opportunity to pitch for the second years in case we would want a helping hand somewhere during our project. I signed up for this with the hopes that I can get some help when it comes to colouring the animation.

I didn’t know that this would be possible, and so I did calculate the colouring in for myself and in my own time frame, however, if I could get an extra hand or two it would mean I could focus on other parts of the production and push back my own set deadline a fair bit.


The gifs that I created for testing the fluidity and colour scheme I did include in my pitch eventhough they are mere doodles with a purpose rather than finished pieces.  I wanted to give a bit of an impression as to what I am working on and am looking for.




And the concepts.


For the pitch I am looking for just someone to help out with the colouring procedure in the 2D animations of Moon’s world.

Sun in 3D or his world isn’t part of where I would want or need a helping hand as he’s completely done as is. (see further posts in this blog)

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