A weekend without Sun.

This was meant to  be the weekend to animate Sun, but due to some severe issues I was having with his mesh, I  couldn’t work on him.  The tutor who handles Zbrush in our course wasn’t in, but thankfully is always available through mail. I emailed him with the hope that he could fix whatever I had caused, thinking he would be able to do so after the weekend.  Instead, he did it during the weekend and I can’t thank him enough! 

During the weekend I did read up on a lot.  I also decided to purchase some rigs and get some very short moves going. I managed to get two moves done and a new scene which I wanted to make an image in 3D. Something high quality, also because I really had to do some calculations for renders before I finish Sun and start the animation.
The calculations are needed so I know how long it will take for my 3D animation to finish rendering out. I’ve also been looking into a new rendering program over the weekend and it pretty much sparked the whole want and need to animate.  The issues with Sun and not being able to find the right answers, put me down a lot when it comes to Arnold and the connections within it. I also put Zbrush in my workflow with which I’ve now used UVmaster for the first time and GoZ whilst also using my normal approach which was always a success.  It now turns out that due to this all, my Sun mesh was completely broken.  The UV’s were severely messed up as they were transfered as groups, breaking the uv apart, which my tutor, over the weekend, mended and welded back together.

My weekend started with this little one. In the renderpack that I’ve received, there is one baby, two kids (boy and girl) and different shaped people. I will put a link for anyone interested down below. This was also done with the new render, hence the colour information and the noise being odd. As you can see in the following, I understood more and more about this as the weekend moved by.

I decided to create a small part of a dance, or well.. in this case a ballet move.

And another angle. Due to the limited information from texture, meshes etc. in the scene, the whole render took around 20 minutes.


I decided to make a still image, but instead of drawing, I wanted to get used to the usage of textures through Hypershade. I also wanted to try and make it look as well put together as possible, by using many lights and enjoying the matte surfaces instead of going wild with reflecting everything.  This is Kon from the anime show Bleach, I created him in Zbrush and textured his low poly mesh in Maya. I did end up giving him a little bit of a fancier touch in Photoshop once he was done, but nothing too crazy.

(Kon took around three hours to make in Zbrush.  His little corner,including textures, around two hours.  Final render… 7hrs.. but was interupted because I wanted to create more things.)

I put a little lens flare in the scene and a yellow gradient coming from the main light source which is the window behind the curtain. I didn’t have the program finish the render completely because I.. well, I put in -very- high stats in the render settings, thinking that it would take around 3-4 hours to render out this single image, simply because the youtuber, who has been teaching me about this render all weekend, took about 2hrs. with the same settings.  Note to self: A simple home desktop won’t bark up against the high industry standard workstations haha. Thankfully I will be upgrading my desktop so I’ll be able to render things out much quicker than I could now. Eitherway, I’m super happy with the outcome.
Added to this story, I was so proud that I posted it on facebook. Even my mother didn’t like the post, which she later on explained the reason being.. “I thought it was a book cover for a children book.  I didn’t understand why you posted it.”  I don’t think I ever had such a big compliment.

And last but not least, I’ve remodeled Sun’s introduction scene.  Before it was an observatory, but after dragging a rig through it and trying to figure out how I wanted him to walk towards the window from which he’d spot Moon.. I decided against the layout and remodeled the home area.

It is now more of a living room, open to let a good amount of those beautiful golden rays of the Sun in. It has a clear path where he can walk.  The items within the scene are still minimal, but I want to texture it with a far more busy texture hence me setting up a mood board based on Arabian nights.  Here’s the rough layout with the lights somewhat set into place.

Home test000.png
(Sun’s room leading to the balcony from which he’ll watch over the land and spots Moon in the distance.)

I will be working on Sun’s mesh tomorrow as I’ve received it end of the weekend, but I’m scared of breaking him so I will work on him during class tomorrow whilst my Zbrush tutor is in.
I will then finish the animation scene where he walks into the room and onto the balcony and submit that for feedback.  Whilst I wait for that, I will start modeling the furniture of the new home and by the end of this week I want to have submitted these scenes to one of my tutors for informal feedback so I can adjust where needed.


The rig!

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