Third Year: Moon Environment

Whilst I have been working mainly on Sun, I have spend a lot of time on Moon’s environment as well. Knowing only the very basics of environment creation, this has been somewhat of a struggle. 

moon environment4

This was the initial drawing that I made for Moon’s intro scene, where Sun’s first seen in her realm.  I wanted it to be eerie, but for some reason it didn’t read right.  Too much stood out that shouldn’t stand out and many of the values were the same whilst they shouldn’t have been.

After studying a bunch of concepts to see how they build things up, when things are of one value or when they are of another, I started over.


Practising the setups, how things would look from a certain perspective and even how Sun would move through the area, I came up with this first.  It’s much like the first painting, but it feels much less closed off.

Moon intro scene.png

This became it eventually.  It’s still a work in process, but I really like the layers of space between the front and the background. It also feels like a bigger transition between Sun and Moon’s world, as if this part is limbo before you really venture further into the darkness of the woods that are within Moon’s realm.  I will get final feedback about the scenes this week and hopefully I can finish them then and whilst Sun is rendering out, I can start on Moon’s realm animations.


This is a scene that I received feedback on and it was rather surprising.  Of course, the values were off so that right away went on my list of things to adjust, but oddly enough the leaves of the trees that act like a sky with stars, were seen as the actual sky with stars, and by that alone the four trees in the back pretty much disappeared completely from view and even though it was clear to me what was happening in the scene, it’s about what the audience sees. So I adjusted the values and hope it reads better now that it did before.  We’ll find out soon!


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