Third Year: Sun scenes

I have managed to create the scenes that were needed in the thesis film Eclipse.
Here I will show the progress of the scenes and the changes that I’ve put in so far. 


Scene 1:

Scene 1, or the intro scene shows the sun rising in a 3D environment.  I haven’t changed much on this as I was happy with how it looked and just had to fancy it up a bit with grass and flowers.

mountainss2environment3The paint effects and xgen were used on only the foreground of the scene, creating a depth as if you’re on a hill.  The trees are still the same as when I first created them, a skydome with an HDRI image on it. 


I did change the home.  It changed from an observatory into an actual home with a balcony.  It just didn’t have the flow of movement in it when I had the observatory when I started animating in it nor did I like the position of Sun when he was looking out of the window.  The second picture shows an older render of the new scene where he will now be looking from his balcony to the realm of Moon in which he’ll watch her disappear.  The flow of movement in this scene feels much better and the camera positioning is better in the later scene as well.

Scene 3

This is the third scene, the scene in which I wanted to show a simple run animation and a jump as he runs towards the realm of Moon to find her.  This isn’t a final render and after speaking with one of my lecturers I have adjusted the scene to get rid of some of the empty space.  Here, again I worked with a simple set up, a displacement map created the mountains which after baking them were smoothened out in Zbrush and some paint effects as trees and thorns to create a simple feel to the scene.  The fog is also a Paint effect and is animated to roll slowly to give it some movement.

scene 4.jpeg

And last but not least, the final scene where Sun arrives to the spot where his and Moon’s realm collide.  The main focus here will be on Sun, so again a simple scene with some animated grass.  This scene holds 3 cameras with most of the focus here being on his hand once he pushes it through the darkness.

All has been rendered out in Arnold and created in Maya, I’m still unsure about the renderer, but for now I’m just happy that I can leave the scene creation behind and fully focus on animating.

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