MA: Plan of approach.


As explained in my previous post, I have found a subject that I want to research during my Master. But to be successful in this, I need a plan of approach.
At first I was very motivated, wanting to plan in every single day with hours upon hours of research and practice. However, after relaying my plan to my teachers, I came to the conclusion that it is a plan that had a higher chance to fail than to succeed. I’d lose motivation at one point due to overworking myself and with that I could mess up my whole degree.
To not do that, to not fall into that trap I outlined the most important things to do during these months. What was doable and wouldn’t push me to my absolute limit?

  • Books. Creating a list of books that would be of use for my research and help me understand forms.
  • Life drawing.  Life drawing is very important, thankfully we have 2 sessions per week provided by the university, but during the rest of the week I will use online sources to still continue to draw.
  • Online resources.  We now live in a day and age where we can learn anything online, I will check for websites that could be of use.
  • Teacher feedback.  I’ll try and get weekly feedback from my teachers, to see how I can keep motivated with my work and to see where I can improve.
  • Leisure. This might seem odd to add, but I enjoy art. Illustrations both digital and traditional, but aside from that I enjoy painting as well.  It’s important to do what I enjoy as well, ‘free-thought’ interaction with art so I don’t overwork myself, but at the same time still keep busy with my research. Working by the books constantly won’t teach you how to correct your mistakes. By working ‘for fun’ I will not only see the progress of my work, but also hopefully see what I will need more ‘knowledge’ and where I am going down the right path.