MA: Sources


With my plan of approach now all settled in, I’ve set up a list of books that I will be using, online resources I will be looking into and the reason behind it.

  • Books.
    This is the list of books I managed to get my hands on. They are all free to find online, the main source for most books was the Croque Café website. However, after scouting through the books, I noticed that a lot of them touch on the same subjects and so I will have to filter out exactly which books I want to read into now and which can be left aside for later.  I’m on a time schedule right now so sadly I can’t study all of them.
  • Online sources.
    Life drawing websites such as Pixelovely will be used, but seeing as they have only so many poses, I will also use the website of Croqius Café.
    Youtube pages such as Proko and Croque Café are high on my list. Proko has extended to facebook where their facebook group gives great feedback on any work you do.  Croquis Café is a life drawing youtube channel, which also posts on their website.
    Further I am considering joining New Master Academy, which is a paid website which where draftsmen and re known artists give classes for a certain amount a month with the option of mentorship, though that’s a bit too expensive for me right now so the monthly fee of £50 p/m will have to do for now.


Adding to the list of books is the book “ForceDynamic Life Drawing for Animators” by Mike Mattesi.  This was suggested to me by my course leader.




— I’ll be leaving to Holland for 2 weeks, so no posts will be made in the meantime! 


Croquis Café website with most of the book sources:
New Master Academy:


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