Force: Behind the book.

In my previous post I touched upon the book that was recommended to me by my course leader; Force: Dynamic drawing for animators by Michael D. Mattesi.

In this post I will show a few things that are related to this book.



Proko is one of the websites/youtube pages that I have been watching for some time now. It’s a great page where you can learn about all sorts of things regarding art, be it drawing, digital artwork or even painting.
Whilst diving into the Force Method I found that Proko had invited Michael D. Mattesi, the creator of the Force: Dynamic drawing for animators and Diego Lucia, a Force Teacher who also has a large instagram following where he posts pictures and videos of him drawing with Force.

(Youtube video by Proko)

I found this to be a very interesting video to watch as they explain just how they look at a model, how they build up the forms from shapes and how they apply the rhythm.  Later on Michael D. Mattesi takes a look at what Diego Lucia has made and dives deeper into the figure, explaining more about how he approaches things.   This helped me cover some questions I had that weren’t answered in the Force book itself.

(Diego Lucia’s instagram page : )

I’m a visual person, I learn faster/better when I can see how certain things are done.
Diego Lucia’s instagram page is becoming a great vault of life drawings that are both shown in video form and picture.  The speed at which he draws a figure, adding to the way he manages to translate the form and action of the model is very motivating to me.
He also has small tutorials on how to approach a form which can help out a lot if you’re struggling to understand how force works.

(Quick tutorial by Diego Lucia on his instagram page explains how he builds up a figure)


(One of his videos recorded during a workshop shows how he puts the teachings of Force into action.)

To keep myself motivated on days that I don’t want to do anything, I often check the instagram page and simply draw one of the drawings Diego Lucia has made, just to get some motivation started.  Or I watch a video like the Proko one.
Aside from that, I have become more active on my pinterest account where I actively look for life drawings and minimalistic gesture drawings as those seem to motivate me a lot when I’m feeling a bit worn out and can’t pick myself up without some visual stimulation.




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