Life drawing progress: Learn to know yourself.

For the last few months I’ve been researching and studying different types of drawings.  In this I discovered what I personally enjoy to see, which is gesture drawings with dynamic lines that are more so focused on a form and dynamic rather than realism. With this I mean the ‘disney’ look to things, this is why Glen Keane is always an animator who I continue to look up to, his use of linework, gravity, form, observation and pace are what makes his work so appealing to me.
This was something I wasn’t aware of before, as I could look at work from illustrators or draftsmen and sculptures with the same kind of facination as I did regarding Mr. Keane’s work.  However, I did start with a list of books that was mainly based around illustrators and draftsmen that were focused on still images, which narrowed my list down a fair bit.
Glenn Vilppu’s book was a great starter for someone who didn’t know much or, in hindsight, anything at all regarding gesture and how to approach life drawing, but in the end it was his final pieces that attracted me, not the building up of said piece.
Now that I have started to read in to, and surround myself more with the Force drawing method, I came to the discovery that the style and approach, the linework, weight/gravity, form and pace is something that I am really intrigued by ; I apparently like to have a quick and aesthetically satisfying result..

I signed up for one month to the New Master Academy where I scouted the many pages of lessons that I could take on for this one month. I found it rather tedious and once I found a course I wanted to take on, it wasn’t what I needed.

Through Proko I found the website of Mike Matessi where he actually teaches students how to approach life drawing.  With quotes of Glen Keane and Bill Tytla on the home page, I decided to sign up for a month, a premium membership to see what this can offer.  Keep in mind, my year is to see the importance of life drawing for animators and hopefully finding a path that can be effective for upcoming animators and current animation students.

Finding my own preference regarding aesthetics and approach towards drawings, I found a new path in which I never thought I’d end up.  I honestly thought that the books that I started with at the beginning of my year would have been enough, with a test here and there and a life drawing session in second term.. that that would be my year planned out, not knowing that I’d find out more about what I like to see in drawings or how little I actually know about drawing as a whole or how much I would enjoy observing things and people the more I start to understand gesture and the ‘life’ in lines.

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