Game inspires Art.

The last week I’ve been playing a game, Red Dead Redemption 2.
Set in the late 1800’s in the young America.
Cowboys, native americans and the start up of the industrial age on their heels.

As a player you follow the main character Arthur Morgan who is part of a gang, a real gunslinger.  When I started this game I thought it’d be a spaghetti western type of game, shooting folks left and right with not much else.

However, it seemed to be much more than that.  Aside from the story, the animations, the scenery.. It oddly enough inspired me to draw more.

The main character keeps a journal, one in which he tells his story, but he also draws in this journal.  Quick sketches of things he sees, finds, observes.  People, animals, architecture.

Seeing this inspired me to start one of my own, one which I will hopefully keep working in and can submit as a side piece to my project.

I always like seeing sketchbook drawings, where artists take you through their sketchbooks on youtube videos or on instagram, but to see something in this way was different.

We’re in an timeline where I always feel that I need the internet to find images that I could draw, where I can’t find the inspiration out in the world itself.  Sure I can draw a person here and there, but I never thought of a sketchbook in this way.

Fans are going wild left and right about this journal addition to the game, and one fan even took it upon themself to recreate the journal in real life.

I want to make my own and if it’s interesting enough submit it to my final piece for my project. Didn’t think that I’d even consider taking an idea from a game and take it in as a possible piece for my final project.

Below you can find the full journal of Arthur Morgan.


Also.. this game has a epilogue, one which soothes my mind when it comes to this idea for a sketchbook journal, because.. “What if I’m not good enough?”

Well.. there’s always John’s journal..

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