The year is almost over and I’ve barely animated this year.

I did have a plan to animate some of the stories I’ve written, but I haven’t been able to get to it yet.
With my MA course, my mentorship and the classes I am taking on the side of it all, I’ve always put it on the back burner, until now.

I decided to take the first steps to animate one of my stories.  The idea behind this is to tell a story through song, a song which I’ve been listening to for a long time that relates very well to one of the stories I’ve already written out.

The animation is about a woman who has lost all she cared for and now found herself in a dark place, one where she wasn’t sure where she was or even who she was anymore. The scene which I have carved out so far is of her speaking a sentence of the lyrics of the song, saying “I am drowning.”

This was the first time I had animated a lip sync, using myself as reference to see how the mouth forms.  It’s a sketch, but as it shows now I think I will keep it in the sketch form even when cleaning up the frames as it has an appeal that works well with the song.


I’ve documented the work on a youtube video which  you can find here :

(Youtube link to Admiral Nyxes’ channel. aka, my own channel.)


As you can see, the work isn’t finished at all yet.  There has to be more smoothness to it and more frames, but I’m very excited to continue with this as it breaks me away from my current project and if all goes right I’ll have something to work on once this course is over and done with.

Below is the scene with sound.

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