Just a month left.

It’s almost done.

My MA is almost over, just a month left until we hit the final deadline.

I’ve taken on some courses and my latest one was from the FORCE creator, Mike Matessi.
In this month I’ve learned a lot about the approach of Force drawing, they are mostly focused on the force behind a movement. It was enjoyable and I’m glad I’ve taken the month to test it out.  After my MA is over, I will pick up a few months again to continue with my study.

For now, I’m trying to put together my final stage of my work. I’ve gone back to who I started with and am currently reading back up on the course of Glenn Vilppu.  I still find his teaching methods the most clear for myself and I’m very lucky to now have a gesture drawing course on the New Master Academy from him to revive all the lessons I had acquired through his book.

I think that I have found the answer to my starting question. Where I wanted to find out what it is that makes Glen Keane’s work as appealing so appealing to me. With this in mind I’m going to focus on my final presentation.  I have a few ideas how to deliver the work, but I still feel that it might be lacking some bits and bobs here and there.

This week is feedback week, and as I have sent off my updated written work, I hope that I can start putting the supporting evidence in place and finish that part off.

In truth, I can’t wait for this year to be over.  I feel that I’m constantly working against the clock and with many artists having their own ways of approach, it’s difficult to pin down one as the ‘ultimate’ approach. Adding to that, everyone learns differently and so my suggestions might not work for everyone.  This is why I’m considering making my final submission one of self-teaching/self-reflection and speaking in ways of what worked for -me-.

Whilst my initial question was one that I thought was answered rather quickly, it, at one point, became a roller coaster of self exploration. One in which I have questioned my course several times and even what I want to do after my years as a student are over.

The only thing I am absolutely sure about is that I want to continue this after my course.  I want to continue to learn and explore gesture further.

I also came to the discovery that life drawing is not a practice on its own, but a part of the greater practice that we call ‘art’.  I learned to understand more about animation, even when I’ve barely focused on it this year (Since my research is mainly based on one question “How can I become an artist like Glen Keane” which later became “How important is life drawing for an animator.”).  Both questions, however, are now answered.. I just need to find a way to present it properly.

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