MA: The final post.

The year has ended.
It went super fast, but I’m very happy that it’s over.
Unlike the 3rd year in my BA, this year felt a bit like a drag at times.  I know that it’s the subject I chose to look into, but it was hard to stay motivated at the best of times.

During my Thesis, I was constantly researching techniques, render programs, problem solving, therefor there was always something to work on.  Whilst this year, I didn’t feel that pressure.  As long as I made sure to do my life drawings and followed the schedule I had set up, I’d be alright.

But, that doesn’t mean that this was an easy year. Regarding traditional approach towards art/illustrations I’ve learned so much.  From materials to use, trying out pen, charcoal, crayons, learning the difference between HB and B and to figure out which one is best for longer duration life drawings and which ones are best for short poses..  How to treat paper, which paper is best to use, which I work best with, what products to use for aftercare for your drawing, so much stuff that I never thought of before has now become a standard in my life drawing adventure.
I really enjoy working with pencil and charcoal, and I make sure I always have a stanley knife with me to sharpen my utensils rather than a pencil sharpener.

The dissertation was submitted in time with the last file of my life drawings and the presentation went very well.  Tonight we’ll have a preview of our degree show and after that we’ll know if we passed or not!

Even with my doubts throughout the year regarding the topic I’ve chosen, I’m very glad I did stick to this.
Not only did I learn more about the traditional side of illustrations, but it all connected to animation as well.  And for the first time in a long time I’m booming with inspiration for shorts that I want to create.

But for now I’m taking a breather.
I’m excited to see the degree show and to find out if I passed my year.
If all goes well, my upcoming year will be dedicated completely to self-study to become better with my illustrations and perhaps start (and finish) a few shorts to create a nice portfolio.



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